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The ENIGMA App will officially support Android 10 and above. 

Enigma is your secret assistant to reading any thought of word from someone’s mind. It’s the first ‘invisible app’ where your spectator will not even realise your phone is being used for the effect, less suspect any kind of ‘app’ at work and yet…. it is doing almost all of the work for you.

Imagine this…

You ask your spectator to freely think of something and visualise it as a word. It could be an object, something found in nature, or even a place for example…
Then, seemingly just by touching fingertips and directing the spectator to silently visualise the letters in their word, you are able to reveal their thought of word.

Enigma is the perfect every day carry for magicians, mentalists or ANYONE that wants to pull out a jaw dropping party trick at a moments notice.

Unlike many phone based magic tricks, Enigma is NOT presented as trick using your phone… It’s seems much more of a pure demonstration of mind reading between you and your audience.

Enigma works in the background as a SECRET TOOL that does all the heavy lifting for you


Q – Is Enigma a progressive anagram generator?
A – No it’s not (In fact it has nothing to do with anagrams)

Q – Is this an electronic game of 20 questions?
A – No, nothing like that. The secret method mostly happens whilst the spectator is silent.

Q – Can it be performed without an internet connection?
A – Yes, Enigma can be performed without internet connection.

Q – Is it something I could perform over Zoom?
A – Yes, there are several presentations and systems that can work both live and online.

Q – Is Enigma language dependant?
A – Enigma is taught in English and the system works in multiple other languages. Currently compatible in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese (Brazilian)

Q – What do I receive and how do I learn Enigma?
A – Enigma is taught in English via our new fun and engaging instruction manuals.
In addition we provide over 3 hours of video instructions to accompany them. You will also receive a personalised licence code that will allow you to unlock all the features within our free app.

– Enigma is brand new approach to mind reading

– Free selection

– No Force

– Nothing written down

– Instantly repeatable

– No equivok or other cunning linguistics

– 100% practical

– Fun to perform

– Easy to learn

The method? Specifically – a ground-breaking new system designed to secretly identify a thought of word, backed up by an intuitive new app. 

Please note: Purchasing Enigma entitles the user to learn and perform the effect live.

Christian Grace retains recording rights including live broadcasting, TV and social media. Users must contact Christian Grace directly to request such permission.

These terms and conditions are outlined in the app.


7 reviews for ENIGMA Android

  1. Matty Whipple (verified owner)

    Trust me. You WILL use this. And the better you get at it, the more fun it is to perform. I have been a big fan of Christian’s for a long time and this is far and away his best release.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Apps amazing. THANK you Christian Grace for sharing it with all of us!

  3. RLee Davis (verified owner)

    Christian Grace has created real mindreading! As a mentalist, the holy grail is to walk up to someone with no preparation and tell them what they’re thinking, period. With Enigma, they can think of anything (no force at all) in the universe, and with no writing, no speaking, no complicated moves you can simply tell them. Just like that. Enigma is the closest thing (to what I believe real mindreading looks like) that I have ever seen – not only will your audiences scream and laugh with disbelief, it will give *you* goosebumps! Get it now, and show them what real mindreading looks like!

  4. Abraxas (Michael Frye) (verified owner)

    This app more than some others allows me to utilize some of my favorite methods that I already enjoy. Then it allows me to not only take things to the next level and beyond. Plus the app is so complete that it frees me up to concentrate on showmanship and presentation. Even makes things easier “before the curtain rises” as well.

  5. Dr. David Goldman (verified owner)

    Dear Christian, thank you for an app that does not appear to be an app. You have allowed me to appear to truly read minds! I do Zoom presentations several times a week and this is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Plus, Christian and Shameer provide incredible support and assistance! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENIGMA! David

  6. Mick Ramsden (verified owner)

    This app is the best mind reading routine ever. It’s concept is beautiful, every time I practise this on my own I laugh. The videos demonstrating this effect are how it really is.

  7. Freddy

    I bought ENIGMA for Android at Magic Live and beta-tested it.

    First of all, the quality of the instuctions is amazing. You get written instructions that are very clear and easy to follow & also video instructions with superb production-quality.

    When it comes to the system itself, it’s as simple and clean as it gets when it comes to such a free (semi-)propless word reveal, nothing written down. And for what you can accomplish with it, it’s not at all procedure-heavy if you compare it to things like train tracking, for instance. In fact, I was quite surprised of how straightforward it is.

    The process you need feels very natural but also intimate, which might not suit every performer. In the tutorial, there are also alternative handlings if you don’t feel comfortable touching your spectator’s fingertips however.

    Finally, if you put in the work you might even be able to perform ENIGMA entirely propless at times and even if you’re not performing it propless, you only have your phone in play visibly once with the right patter – at most.

    For me personally, ENIGMA is a great fit and I’m really happy that I added the system to my mentalism toolbox. It’ll allow me to create memorable moments with some amazing people in the future.

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