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Enigma is your secret assistant to reading any thought of word from someone’s mind. It’s the first ‘invisible app’ where your spectator will not even realise your phone is being used for the effect, less suspect any kind of ‘app’ at work and yet…. it is doing almost all of the work for you.

Imagine this…

You ask your spectator to freely think of something and visualise it as a word. It could be an object, something found in nature, or even a place for example…
Then, seemingly just by touching fingertips and directing the spectator to silently visualise the letters in their word, you are able to reveal their thought of word.

Enigma is the perfect every day carry for magicians, mentalists or ANYONE that wants to pull out a jaw dropping party trick at a moments notice.

Unlike many phone based magic tricks, Enigma is NOT presented as trick using your phone… It’s seems much more of a pure demonstration of mind reading between you and your audience.

Enigma works in the background as a SECRET TOOL that does all the heavy lifting for you


Q – Is Enigma a progressive anagram generator?
A – No it’s not (In fact it has nothing to do with anagrams)

Q – Is this an electronic game of 20 questions?
A – No, nothing like that. The secret method mostly happens whilst the spectator is silent.

Q – Can it be performed without an internet connection?
A – Yes, Enigma can be performed without internet connection.

Q – Is it something I could perform over Zoom?
A – Yes, there are several presentations and systems that can work both live and online.

Q – Is Enigma language dependant?
A – Enigma is taught in English and the system works in multiple other languages. Currently compatible in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese (Brazilian)

– Enigma is brand new approach to mind reading

– Free selection

– No Force

– Nothing written down

– Instantly repeatable

– No equivok or other cunning linguistics

– 100% practical

– Fun to perform

– Easy to learn

The method? Specifically – a ground-breaking new system designed to secretly identify a thought of word, backed up by an intuitive new app. 

This App is supported by IOS 15 and above.

56 reviews for ENIGMA IOS (Apple)

  1. Ian

    What can I say about this app. It is one of the most amazing apps I’ve ever seen. I have been playing about with it and it never ceases to amaze me the way it works. This app makes mind reading as close to reality as possible. Congratulations to Christian. I’m bringing this app to the market. The price is well justified to keep it out of reach of people. I hope this app stays around for a long time and if he cannot keep it going, I am sure many will contribute to keep the server running. Not only have I rated this up for five star which I would rate to even more this easily has to be my number one app. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is well worth the time and effort to digest everything

  2. Aryel Altamar (verified owner)

    I was told about the effect (Sisi I didn’t even see a video about it) and immediately bought it because I knew I could introduce it to my stage show perfectly. When I first received it, it was overwhelming because of the amount of information that I had to process to make it work properly after hours and hours of intense study. I can say that it is one of the most intelligent tools and methods in recent times to draw a word. I was quite doubtful if it would work in Spanish since I use it in that language and discovered after hundreds of tests that they never told me a word I couldn’t guess with ENIGMA. Now after much study it is ready to enter my repertoire and I am very happy about it. Thank you Chris for this beauty of a tool for professional mentalists!!!

  3. Tim Hills (verified owner)

    Mind-blowing. The possibilities with this extremely powerful tool are endless. After only a few days of use, I am already very excited about performing with this.

  4. Jim Blake (verified owner)

    I’ve held out buying this app for a long time having convinced myself that analogue methods of gaining thought of information were comparable, and in some cases, more direct than Enigma – at least in the audiences eyes. Having watched the seminar I had to take the plunge and I’m glad I did. The app is ingenious, devious and a wonder to behold. Once I get comfortable with all the settings and options, I’ll dare anyone to ask me to show them something! Well done to Christian and the team. Excellent work.

  5. Max (verified owner)

    Really well made and Christian cares about updating and cultivating the app. Love this!

  6. George Welthon (verified owner)

    Don’t hear those comments that said this is not a great tool, this is a revolutionary great system in nentalism, great job christian and team

  7. Joel Bentley (verified owner)

    Incredible! Put the time in to learn the system and you can produce a miracle. Easily one of the best magic apps ever conceived!!

  8. Mike aka (Timido Innocente) (verified owner)

    First I was quite hesitant, after reading some reviews and comments in the Magic Cafe, but then I still gave it a go.
    And I am glad I did!!!
    It is absolutely genious!!!
    Woks like a charm!

  9. Preston Heller (verified owner)

    Requires some patience and practice to master, but more than worth the effort. Your audience and participants will be gobsmacked.

  10. Stephen Lynn (verified owner)

    I am not one for gimmicks or apps but I was drawn to this after meeting Christian a few months back and seeing how genuinely passionate he was about Enigma.
    All I will say is I’m not disappointed with this purchase. Enigma lives up to the hype. And the best bit is it continues to grow.

  11. Ieuan Mapperson (verified owner)

    I have had Enigma for a matter of days but feel that I am already able to give an informed review. The only reason I have given is that 6 or more cannot be recorded. Firstly, the clarity and comprehensiveness of the instructions are the best of any product I have ever purchased and even though, Enigma is quite complex in some respects, it is explained so logically that you feel a sense of mastery after a relatively modest investment of time. With skillful presentation, Enigma is certainly the closest effect to genuine mind-reading that I have ever seen or am likely to ever see. Christian had done a truly amazing job in its vision and execution. I cannot recommend it more hiughly.

  12. David Kahn (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this! How Christian and Co. made this is a mystery. This must have taken forever. Nicely done!!!

  13. Thomas Garcia (verified owner)

    Fascinating app. For me it is one of these effects who teach you to be a better magician.

  14. Adrian Fox (verified owner)

    I’m still getting to grips with everything Enigma can do but wow, what an incredible tool for mentalists this is. I can honestly say this is the most ground breaking app I’ve ever seen – well done Christian, it’s an absolute winner.

  15. Stan Dart

    Absolutely phenomenal

  16. Darren Ryder (verified owner)

    I really was on the fence about buying this for no particular reason, however I can happily say I love Enigma, it’s so darn clever

  17. Adam Bisson (verified owner)

    APP OF THE YEAR!! Genius… wish I had thought of it!

  18. Thomas Moloney (verified owner)

    Enigma truly fuels creativity and the learning process is really enjoyable.

    Customer service is great, due to user error, not readying the instructions and a little a little drunk… I messed up the settings, contacted Christian and he had it fixed within hours.

    Really looking forward to the future of this app and what other magicians come up with.

  19. Neil henry (verified owner)

    Simply the most magical effect I’ve ever experienced. Haven’t performed it yet as still getting to grips but this’ll be one of my favs to do. Utterly brilliant . Christian you’re a beast!

  20. Zack (verified owner)

    It’s so good, I’m almost speechless. Incredible system that makes this feel like real mind reading. There are multiple options within the app based on Situation/Preferences. Between this and the ease of use, this is the perfect edc.

  21. John McIntyre (verified owner)

    Amazing system – professional quality. While this is not an out-of-the-box, quick reveal / self worker, if you want to put some time and effort into absolute show stopping, mind reading ability, this is the closest to the real thing is I’ve seen so far.

    This will take practice but the presentation is compelling, very engaging and allows you to do a prop-less reveal of most any word which in my opinion is the grail. If you are a semi-pro and want a killer system by a thoughtful and innovative creator this is 100% for you.

  22. Anon (verified owner)

    Im quite new to using apps but so far this one seems to work wonders! Reactions are great so far and the choice of presentations are endless. Thank you 🙂

  23. Tim Lichfield (verified owner)

    Christian’s thinking behind this system is truly masterful. As many others, I was anticipating the release of Enigma and, if anything, I think it’s too cheap for what you can achieve. A genuine game-changer!

  24. Kyle Elder (verified owner)

    When I first heard people talking this up I was hoping it wasn’t just hype. But I reminded myself it’s Christian Grace and everything he’s come out with has been solid. So I waited and was ready on release day. Amazingly clever! I cant wait to try it in the real world.

  25. Philo (verified owner)

    I was very early in this project and I can recommend it 10000 Prozent it’s an absolutely amazing method and use full !!!!

  26. John Morton (verified owner)

    This app is a tool designed to help you learn to read minds. It’s an app that wants to make itself not needed or at most used as a back up. For now it’s a way to look like I can read their mind.

    So clever, very little memory needed, it’s all in the presentation.

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