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Enigma is your secret assistant to reading any thought of word from someone’s mind. It’s the first ‘invisible app’ where your spectator will not even realise your phone is being used for the effect, less suspect any kind of ‘app’ at work and yet…. it is doing almost all of the work for you.

Imagine this…

You ask your spectator to freely think of something and visualise it as a word. It could be an object, something found in nature, or even a place for example…
Then, seemingly just by touching fingertips and directing the spectator to silently visualise the letters in their word, you are able to reveal their thought of word.

Enigma is the perfect every day carry for magicians, mentalists or ANYONE that wants to pull out a jaw dropping party trick at a moments notice.

Unlike many phone based magic tricks, Enigma is NOT presented as trick using your phone… It’s seems much more of a pure demonstration of mind reading between you and your audience.

Enigma works in the background as a SECRET TOOL that does all the heavy lifting for you


Q – Is Enigma a progressive anagram generator?
A – No it’s not (In fact it has nothing to do with anagrams)

Q – Is this an electronic game of 20 questions?
A – No, nothing like that. The secret method mostly happens whilst the spectator is silent.

Q – Can it be performed without an internet connection?
A – Yes, Enigma can be performed without internet connection.

Q – Is it something I could perform over Zoom?
A – Yes, there are several presentations and systems that can work both live and online.

Q – Is Enigma language dependant?
A – Enigma is taught in English and the system works in multiple other languages. Currently compatible in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese (Brazilian)

Q – What do I receive and how do I learn Enigma?
A – Enigma is taught in English via our new fun and engaging instruction manuals.
In addition we provide over 3 hours of video instructions to accompany them. You will also receive a personalised licence code that will allow you to unlock all the features within our free app.

– Enigma is brand new approach to mind reading

– Free selection

– No Force

– Nothing written down

– Instantly repeatable

– No equivok or other cunning linguistics

– 100% practical

– Fun to perform

– Easy to learn

The method? Specifically – a ground-breaking new system designed to secretly identify a thought of word, backed up by an intuitive new app. 

This App is supported by IOS 15 and above.

Please note: Purchasing Enigma entitles the user to learn and perform the effect live.

Christian Grace retains recording rights including live broadcasting, TV and social media. Users must contact Christian Grace directly to request such permission.

These terms and conditions are outlined in the app.

56 reviews for ENIGMA IOS (Apple)

  1. Charlie Dent (verified owner)

    I have purchased many products in my long journey through magic and mentalism, and this has to be up there at the top.
    Christian demonstrated this at Blackpool 2023 to me, and I found it to be the cleanest method of obtaining only a thought of word, I have ever experienced.
    Highly recommended: 5 *****

  2. Shawn Farquhar (verified owner)

    I’m not one to leave reviews or endorse many magic products, but when I do it’s because they are usually revolutionary in some way. First and foremost the effect has to affect me. Not just fool me, I’m not that hard to fool. But to leave me with a sense of wonder is rare and I delight in those rare moments. Christian Grace and his effect Enigma gave me this feeling of pure wonder…twice! I had no idea it was an app when he presented it to me at the 4F convention and was one of the first to buy when he released it. I’m not an mentalist, but Enigma is going to make me look like one!

  3. Greg Bennick (verified owner)

    When I first saw Enigma, it was the first time that I felt like I was watching real magic. It’s truly that indescribable for an audience, and I can only imagine that for people not used to seeing magic that it would be completely mind boggling. Enigma is going to change the game. I can’t wait to see how it develops over time as more people use it and come up with ideas about it. Highly recommended!

  4. Jeff Smith (verified owner)

    Brilliant! This app has been very thoughtfully developed and enables mental miracles without seeming to really use the phone at all.

  5. Nathan Rantala (verified owner)

    Extremely clever in design and fairly easy to learn! That being said, it definitely will take practice to get it looking as smooth as Christian does it. Love how there are multiple different modes of performing it so it never feels stale. Can’t wait to try this out and looking forward to the future updates/additions to the app!

  6. Ricky Midkiff (verified owner)

    A wonderful tool to use for the mentalist!

  7. Tanan Udomcharn (verified owner)

    It’s an app but also not an app. I’ve never seen any app magic instruction teaching you this much on propless mentalism. This app will definitely take your mentalism performance and skills to the next level.

  8. Andreas Morschhäuser (verified owner)

    The best System (because it is so much more than an App) I’ve ever bought!!! This changes the Mentalism world for ever.
    This are the words immediately come to mind: Ingenious Poweful Brilliant Milestone…..Congratulation Chistian (and the Team)!

  9. James Kellogg (verified owner)

    I’m reviewing this because its just so good and I feel like I have to, but the other side of my doesn’t want to leave this review because I don’t want everyone to know how good it is. This is magic. Don’t even consider listening to any negative reviews about this. They are wrong. Been in magic for over 20 years and this is the best thing I have ever experienced. Not sure how anyone will ever be able to top this. 🤯

  10. Timothy Ambrose (verified owner)

    I bought this at Magic Live 2023 and watched for at least an hour watching Christian performing this. It is totally amazing!!! Easy to do and with instructions that well done. The Facebook group is great too.

  11. Matt Baker (verified owner)

    Amazing thinking behind this app, and also great implementation. There are also detailed video instructions, WRITTEN instructions, and an active private Facebook group to help master all the subtleties of using the app. Bravo, Christian!

  12. Dan

    Love it. Must have for a close up mentalist.

  13. Nicolás vidal (verified owner)

    A very clever app and method. I think it is only the beggining of the trip and all the things you could do with Enigma.
    Totally worth it.

  14. Micky Duffy (verified owner)

    After getting some bad press a few days ago from people that did not even own it. Just because someone mentioned they did not like it. That’s like saying that movie was crap without even watching it. I would consider myself not very tech savvy and have a memory like a sieve. I have got to grips with it after continuously watching the video tutorials which are explained in detail by Christian. Do yourself a favour and ignore the negative comments. Go and purchase this fantastic effect.

  15. Nathan Wilson (verified owner)

    Smart is an understatement. This is an interesting and incredibly useful approach to mind reading. With nothing written down or stated out loud by the spectator you are able to read their mind. While some app based magic is accompanied directly through the use of the phone – that can cause unnecessary attention to technology at play. This app is invisible and should never cause direct attention to itself. I think this is will change how we incorporate technology to our magic. Great job to Christian and the team!

  16. Aloïs (verified owner)

    Fun to learn, easy to do, huge impact. Thank you Christian for sharing this masterpiece with us!

  17. Luis Montenegro (verified owner)

    Nothing else comes close to looking like real mind reading. Everything takes place in their mind.

  18. Merlin Dunlop (verified owner)

    Just legendary! Hands down the best mentalism idea I’ve ever seen and Christian is such a pleasant helpful bloke too. Amazing work!

  19. Johannes Hamm (verified owner)

    Just Amazing what Christian invented there. Thank you for sharing your creation.

  20. Luca Schulze (verified owner)

    Love it. Must have for a close up mentalist.

  21. Scott paton (verified owner)

    This is closest thing to real mind reading. You can create emotional connections with your spectators. I love this so much.

  22. Warren Thackeray (verified owner)

    Enigma is the greatest leap forward in mindreading over the last five years. I doubt anything better than this will be created in the next five years. 100% my favorite tool for mind reading.

  23. Marc Dibowski (verified owner)

    WOW! Mindreading can be now mastered. With a bit help of this App. Hey, this is an insider App. I want to have it for me alone. It could make my living.

  24. Marcus (verified owner)

    The best

    Top top top

  25. Marcus (verified owner)

    One of the best I have seen


  26. Larry (verified owner)

    Best magic app ever

  27. Cody Davis (verified owner)

    This project is fantastic. Don’t be overwhelmed by the information and method. Two days after purchasing, I had my first performance with it and it absolutely killed! Excited to become more confident and comfortable with the ingenious methods taught here

  28. Michael Ryan (verified owner)

    Christian does it again, pure class

  29. Akshay Badiani (verified owner)

    This product is one of the best mentalism apps I’ve ever seen. Do not sleep on this – freaking awesome work in my opinion should be way more expensive

  30. Marc Sueper

    ENIGMA is one of the best things I have ever seen, not only the process feels like real magic but it’s also entertaining for the audience.
    If I could, I would give it 10 Stars.

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